Main services in this field are:

  • Improving the efficiency of technological and production processes.
  • Loading equipment and logistics optimization.
  • Feasibility study for reconstruction projects, modernization and restructuring.
  • Independent expertise of the projects.
  • Development of Business plans.
  • Calculating time and cost of the project realization.
  • Searching and selection of suppliers of metal-working equipment, tools, work pieces, production services.
  • Joint research and design works.

It is well known fact that increase of productivity even for a few percents will increase substantially the efficiency of the whole production. Our experience shows that highly productive equipment is used no more than 25-30% at a number of engineering enterprises. In many cases this is not only due to misuse of equipment, but also due to errors in the design stage.

We offer consulting services for various stages of design and operation of technological systems at engineering enterprises, from Research works at early stages till optimization of the existing production.

Our expertise of projects – it is always an independent opinion of highly qualified specialists, excluding any possible conflicts of interest.

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