Main services in this field are:

  • Technological processes development, including selection of equipment, tools cutting data.
  • Technological optimization of parts construction for productive manufacturing including CNC-machining.
  • Development of 3D models and programs for CNC machines.
  • Valuation of time rates and production programs.
  • Design and rule checking of technical documentation.
  • Expertise of existing and newly developed technologies of the Customer.

Maybe none of the modern industry branches of has not been so clear in a progress, as in metal-working equipment, tools and technologies. This opens up for engineering enterprises new opportunities, but at the same time new challenges and problems.

One of these problems is the lack of specialists with required skills. Another one is the need to adjust and change not only technologies but also design of products. The existing design solutions, originally adapted to the manufacture of components using universal machine tools, are no longer optimal for modern CNC machines.

Our specialists have a large experience in the design of processes using various types of modern equipment, including multi-axis machining centers, automatic longitudinal turning with CNC and others. We offer both design and quality control, maintenance and examination of emerging technologies and process documentation.

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